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The Ultimate Off-Road Experience

Two to Three Passengers Price per Person
Four to Five Passengers Price per Person
Six to Seven Passengers Price per Person
Eight to Twelve Passengers Price per Person

The Ultimate Off-Road Experience

If you love adventure and making memories that last a lifetime, this experience is for you!

Whether you’re a tourist wanting to get the most out of Newcastle from the air, or a local who wants to celebrate a special occasion, we got you!

Take a luxury helicopter to the Outdoor Experience Factory in the heart of the bush.

Existing to create premium and exclusive guided adventures in the bush using their side-by-side vehicles (buggies), they offer much more than a ride, they believe that the best experiences come from what happens beyond the tracks. This creates the best connections between people and great stories to tell.

Start off at the heliport where you go through your helicopter safety briefing and grab some photos before strapping in for a direct, private transfer to the Outdoor Experience Factory. This is an exciting adventure that will clear minds and take breaths away. The amazing team adjust the pace of the trip to each group. As well as the side-by-side riding you’ll enjoy lunch in the bush and have time to explore the natural surrounds.

Once your adventure cup is full for the day, we take you back in the helicopter to the starting point. Talk about a way to end a day of fun!