Ship to Shore Helicopter Services Newcastle

Sea safety should always be a priority and never taken for granted. Over the past years, ships have been involved in a lot of incidents, including groundings and collisions. These may be due to different reasons like anchoring problems or failure to observe proper precautionary measures. Such incidents, such as the famous Pasha Bulker event, may lead to loss of precious lives, ecological problems or huge expenses that may reach up to millions of dollars. In cases when such unfortunate events cannot be avoided a reliable helicopter services Newcastle should be readily available to be deployed and give assistance.

Quality helicopter services by HeliServices

HeliServices is committed in extending help to whatever situation we are called to. Our aircraft Bell JetRanger is built with emergency pop-floats that are compliant with standards of the Civil Aviation Regulations.

We are also capable to carry out search and rescue operations that cover off the Australia’s East Coast. We have been providing helicopter services Newcastle for 25 years already, specifically aerial transport of manpower, supplies and equipment between ships off the Port of Newcastle.

Safety will always be our top priority. Our tried and tested aircrafts are being maintained by the top-notch aircraft organisation Hawker Pacific. This allows us to ensure that the helicopter services Newcastle that we provide will always be maintained at a high standard. Moreover, experienced communication equipment and ground personnel assist our team of pilots during missions. Our expert pilots have been trained for directing the aircraft into locations that has little room for error.

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