Pasha Bulka

The Famous Pasha Bulker

Pasha Bulker, now known as MV Drake, was a bulk carrier being run by the shipping company Lauritzen Bulkers. In 2007, it ran on shore after not heeding a major storm warning together with ten other vessels on Nobby’s Beach in Newcastle. While it was on ground, the engine room was still in full operation. Both of its anchors were still secured in the hawsepipe, which gave the impression that the ship’s captain did not observe proper precautionary measures. Being situated on the famous Nobby’s Beach near the Newcastle Central Business District made it a popular tourist destination while it was on ground.

Helicopter services Newcastle to the rescue

The Pasha Bulker had 22 crew members on board while it was still on the ground. The crew members were successfully rescued through the help of helicopter services Newcastle. We at HeliServices were also able to take part in the rescue operations by giving a supporting role in surveillance of the status of the Pasha Bulker while the rescue operations were currently in progress for a week.

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HeliServices is committed in extending help to whatever situation we are called to. Safety will always be our top priority. Our tried and tested aircrafts, such as the Bell 205 Huey helicopter, are being maintained by the top-notch aircraft organisation Hawker Pacific. This ensures that the helicopter services Newcastle that we provide will always be maintained at a high standard. Communication equipment and ground personnel assist our team of pilots during missions. Our expert pilots have been trained for directing the aircraft into locations that has little room for error.

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