Flood Relief

Floods are a common occurrence in Australia. They may be caused by unusually heavy precipitation, strong tropical cyclones, or low pressure systems during later winter or springtime. These result to overflowing of Australian rivers to their banks. The length of time at which they persist may vary depending on the strength of rainfall and the ability of the river to accommodate water. Disasters like these cause damage to properties, crops, livestock worth millions, and may even claim precious lives. As such, fast and reliable helicopter services Newcastle should be available.

Quality helicopter flood relief by HeliServices

We at HeliServices have been providing flood relief helicopter services Newcastle to help those who are in need. We have rendered assistance to agencies such as the State Emergency Services and National Parks and Wildlife Services during times like these. We help preserve lives by ensuring that emergency response personnel are brought to the field safely and quickly, implement an efficient evacuation, and maintain surveillance with the use of high technology equipment. Food, parcels, and fodders can also be dropped to the field to reach those who are struck by flood disasters at the soonest time possible.

Safety will always be our top priority. Our tried and tested aircrafts such as the Bell 205 Huey helicopter are being maintained by the top-notch aircraft organisation Hawker Pacific to ensure that the flood relief helicopter services Newcastle that we provide will always be maintained at a high standard. Communication equipment and ground personnel assist our team of pilots during missions. Our expert pilots have been trained for directing the aircraft into locations that has little room for error.

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