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Bushfire seasons are a common occurrence in Australia. The damages and harmful effects caused by fire has always been a concern, from its destruction of the natural habitat and properties to its detrimental effect on health. It is very important that fire tracking is done to accurately monitor its progression and assess the level of assistance to be provided that will manage the fire at the quickest and most effective way. The use of helicopter services in Newcastle for fire tracking has been an important tool because of the ability of a helicopter to access hard to reach locations at a quick manner.

Prompt and responsible helicopter fire tracking by HeliServices

We at HeliServices are offering you fire tracking helicopter services anywhere in Newcastle. We understand the importance of using high quality fire tracking equipment. Our aircrafts are equipped with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) cameras, tools that produce accurate thermal images. This equipment has already helped several firefighters in checking the progression of a fire, whether it has already been controlled or is starting to heat up again. It can also be used to detect whether there are people present in the area that needs to be saved.

Safety will always be our top priority. Our tried and tested aircrafts such as the Bell 205 Huey helicopter are being maintained by the top-notch aircraft organisation Hawker Pacific. This ensures that the fire tracking helicopter services Newcastle that we provide will always be maintained at a high standard. Communication equipment and ground personnel assist our team of pilots during missions. Our expert pilots have a keen eye for directing the aircraft into locations that has little room for error.

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