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The raging fire has always been feared by many. It is deadly and has the ability to destroy houses, natural habitat, and properties. It causes air pollution because of the emissions that it causes which has a detrimental effect on our health. One of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is also produced. The extent of damage a fire can cause depends on how quickly it is managed. Because of this, fire fighting transport methods has become an absolute necessity.

Our helicopter services in Newcastle are deemed to be a valuable mode of transport and tool in fire fighting because of its ability to quickly transport people and cargo during a fire, most especially in locations that are far and hard to access. Helicopters can be equipped with special tools to bring water or fire extinguishers to the location of the fire.

Quality helicopter fire fighting by HeliServices

We at HeliServices are offering you fire fighting helicopter services Newcastle may it be in big or small scale. Safety will always be our top priority. Our tried and tested aircrafts such as the Bell 205 Huey helicopter are being maintained by the top-notch aircraft organisation Hawker Pacific to ensure that the fire fighting helicopter services Newcastle that we provide will always be maintained at a high standard.

Our aircrafts have been providing fire fighting aerial assistance to the Rural Fire Services and Government Fire authorities. We also utilise equipment such as aerial water bombing buckets, sling lines and cargo nets. Communication equipment and ground personnel assist our team of pilots during missions. Our expert pilots have a keen eye for directing the aircraft into locations that has little room for error.

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