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Our Aircraft

Robinson R44 Raven

Our primary aircraft is the Robinson R44 helicopter.  This aircraft is a cost efficient platform for not only scenic and charter flights but also aerial photography, aerial film recording, aerial inspections and small cargo operations.  The helicopter’s sleek design and comfortable seating makes the aircraft highly suitable for a variety of flights where baggage is minimal and visibility is maximum.  The R44 cruises at approximately 200km/hr and is able to carry the pilot and 3 passengers.


Eurocopter AS350

The AS350 Squirrel offers superb cabin comfort for up to five adults with a separate baggage area for medium sized luggage. It is a sleek and fast aircraft for luxury transfers and charters, and also offers incredible stability for aerial film and photography work. In addition, it is industry renowned as the power-horse for all types of sling lifting work whilst being lightweight and maneuverable to handle. This aircraft is truly an all rounder.  Due to the nature of the work suited to these aircraft they operate Australia wide.  Early bookings are essential for these aircraft for contract work.  The AS350 cruises at 240 Km/hr and can carry the pilot and 5 adult passengers.

a helicopter high up in the air

Bell 206

The Bell 206 JetRanger is easily one of the most recognisable helicopters in the world. Built by Bell Helicopters, they are used by Military, Government and Civilian organisations for multiple different roles. This can include; Filming, Charter, Fire Fighting, Aerial Lifting Jobs, Flood Relief and the list goes on. Our Bell 206 JetRanger is maintained to the highest standards and is ready on short notice for Charter and specialised Air Work. It has a cruise speed of approximately 200km/hr and is able to carry pilot + 4 passengers.

a helicopter flying in the air