Specialist Operations

Specialist operations involve aerial lifting, maritime services, transporting cargo, and emergency, search and rescue operations. This is why such operations require services that can deliver with speed and accuracy. Here in Newcastle, HeliServices is the perfect helicopter service for the job. We have the appropriate helicopters and equipment necessary for various specialist operations.

Maritime services

For over 25 years, HeliServices has been providing ship-to-shore services off the Port of Newcastle. We provide aerial transfers of supplies, equipment, and crew to and from the ships. We can also transport engine parts for repairs from a ship to land and back. Our Bell JetRanger helicopter, which is equipped with emergency pop-out floats, is safe for over-water operations.

Aerial crane and cargo lifting

The diversity of our helicopter fleet and sling/crane enable us to perform aerial lifting operations for cargos of different weights. Our Bell 205 Huey can lift air-conditioning or industrial heating units to rooftops of buildings. The BK117 helicopter, with its twin turbine, can be used for carrying heavier loads and bigger cargos. Our experienced pilots can smoothly and quickly manoeuvre the aircraft around the inner city, over the water, or over uneven terrains and accurately place your cargo wherever you want it.

Emergency services

HeliServices Newcastle & Hunter is accredited to provide emergency service support to organisations like the State Emergency Services, National Parks and Wildlife Services, and Rural Fire Services. Our pilots and staff are trained and always ready to give support during emergencies. Our helicopters are also equipped for search and rescue missions in the Australian East Coast.

·        Flood relief

We provide emergency response support during floods such as crew deployment to the field, evacuation of high-risk areas, surveillance and monitoring, and food, fodder or parcel drops in areas inaccessible by land.

·        Fire fighting

HeliServices has the appropriate helicopter, necessary equipment, and trained personnel for providing aerial support for fire suppression and fire tracking. We have aerial water bombing buckets, sling lines, cargo nets and various communication devices needed for such operations.


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Bell Jetranger on deck of vessel at Anchorage

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