Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs provide a unique and effective way of showing off your properties, whether business or residential. An aerial view allows the audience to see the advantages of the location, including all access routes and nearby establishments, as well as the general topography of the area. The interesting and remarkable POV it presents is the reason why aerial photography has become one of the most sought-after advertising and marketing techniques.

When it comes to quality aerial photography, HeliServices Newcastle & Hunter is the leading helicopter service in Newcastle. Our company’s success is due to a team of talented and experienced photographers, camera operators, and pilots. We also have the appropriate aircrafts and equipment that will suit your photographic needs.

Aerial photography experts

In order to capture the perfect aerial photo, the pilot should be able to fully understand what the camera operator needs. It should have the skills to accurately position the helicopter to give you that perfect angle for your pictures. Our staff is led by chief pilot Steve Bazic, who is a film pilot with over 30 years of flight and infield operations experience. Working together with Karl Hoffman, our resident aerial photographer who has decades of experience in advertising, HeliServices offers professional and high quality service to our clients.

Best helicopters and equipment for aerial photography

Taking the perfect aerial photo does not only require an expert’s skills, but also the proper equipment. Our helicopter fleet includes aircrafts that have been modified to minimise vibrations. We also offer different camera mounting equipment to keep the cameras steady. This stability will allow the photographer or camera operator to easily capture clearer pictures.

Get those flawless and impressive photos for your marketing brochure or promotional tools by contacting HeliServices Newcastle & Hunter now!