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Best Helicopter Services for Aerial Filming in Newcastle

Aerial filming for movies, TV shows and TV commercials are fast becoming popular. Shooting from an aerial vantage point gives your video a fresher perspective and provides more dramatic shots and angles that are not possible when shooting close to the ground. For this reason, more and more production teams employ helicopter services to capture amazing views from high above the ground. HeliServices Newcastle & Hunter offers quality helicopter services in Newcastle for your aerial filming needs.

State-of-the-art equipment for aerial filming

A major issue in aerial filming is the stability of shots when airborne due to aircraft maneuvering, motor vibration, and weather elements like strong gusts of winds, haze or fog. HeliServices Newcastle & Hunter has the ideal aircrafts and equipment that will guarantee smooth and stable film work.

Our helicopter fleet includes smooth aircraft’s that has low vibration, which is perfect for aerial filming. State-of-the-art gyro stabilised mounts and F.L.I.R. camera systems can fit in our aircraft’s. We can install these for you within 24 hours for that much needed stability and quality in your shots.

Our aircraft’s have removable doors that allow side mounts while providing camera operators enough space and flexibility for panning and tilting the camera. We also offer equipment for nose mount for aerial shots without a cameraman on board. If you are opting for a hand held camera, we provide your camera operators with harnesses to ensure their safety.

High-end monitors and headsets are also available to allow communication between the ground crew and the pilot and camera operator in the aircraft. This allows the directors or producers to easily tell the operator and pilot what shots are needed and what angles are required.

Aerial film specialists

Our pilots and staff have training and experience in aerial filming. Whether it is for feature films, TV commercials, documentaries, or location surveys, they are available to assist you with your filming needs and provide high quality services.

Here at HeliServices Newcastle & Hunter, we guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us now!

This is the recently completed Lake Macquarie Tourism, Love the Lake, campaign promotional video incorporating six hours of helicopter aerial footage and production gathering to be edited into the final fantastic video you now see. Produced by Kent Woodcock.

We can provide your Camera Operators with gyro stabilized mounts and F.L.I.R. systems in our helicopters within 24 hours.

Aerial Film Specialists in

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