Their features and equipment include:

  • Quick Fit Removable Doors (front and back) . This allows easy access to side fitting mounts as well as allowing the camera operator/photographer flexibility when filming from the air.
  • 9″ Sony Colour Monitor (Production Standard) is the perfect tool for directors/producers to advise the camera operator/photographer what he/she requires.
  • Camera Mounts regularly play a major role in film production. Based on many years of experience HeliServices use Continental Mounts Australia or Tyler Mounts NZ for state of the art camera mounts, installed and fitted in the helicopter within 24 hours.
  • Power: helicopters are fitted with on-board 12 & 24 Volt power. Gel cells batteries are also provided as a reliable contingency.
  • Camera Operators and Photographers Harnesses are attached to hard points in the helicopter approved by the manufacturer and CASA. Harnesses are equipped with emergency detachment system to allow the camera operator to release from the helicopter in an emergency.
  • Hands Free and Voice Activated Integrated Intercom Systems are fitted to all of our aircraft allowing easy and effective communications between pilot and crew. A One Can Headset is available for use by video and film camera operators. This allows the operator to hold the camera in the natural filming position without obstruction.
  • Air to Ground Communications are comprehensive and fitted to all company aircraft to allow direction between the air and ground crew. These include air band, VHF marine, and UHF CB Radios as well as integrated mobile bluetooth telephone system.
  • The Bell JetRanger is comprehensively equipped with emergency pop-out float systems for extended over-water operations and in accordance with all CASA Regulations. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the floats are activated and inflation takes approximately 1 – 1.5 seconds to deploy, giving the aircraft full float ability.
  • Helicopter approved life jackets are provided on all occasions when required.

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